“My name is David Fairbrother a 55 year old resident of Mill Valley, California. It has been my sincere pleasure to have had Gail Guevara as a “Life Coach” during the past year. Her ability to assist me in visualization and focus my thoughts and goals for future activities has been extraordinary. The success from the coaching has changed my life both personally and professionally.

There have been many changes in my life both direct, and indirect, which I can attribute to Gail’s innate ability to position her experience and knowledge in such a way as to lead one into a clear path of thought. She is excellent at visualization and brings about honesty in my thoughts so as to express my real life desires and goals. I believe her to be a natural in this area of Personal Coaching and I would whole heartedly recommend her to any future clients.”

D. Fairbrother, Mill Valley, California

“A year ago I was barely able to keep myself from going into anxiety attacks. Work was very stressful and I was in a constant state of fear of loosing my job. Home was also a mess because I wasn’t able to emotionally be there for my family. When first approached about being coached, I couldn’t imagine adding one more appointment to my weekly list of things to do. How could another commitment be made when I hadn’t even been to one of my son’s tap dance classes?

Finally, I decided to hire Life Coach, Gail Guevara. I had been personal training with her at the Bay Club already and she made me comfortable with the idea of life coaching. It was the best decision I have ever made.

In the past year, the journey I have taken through life coaching has reformed my working life, family life and enabled me to revisit the values that are important to me. How? Well, my life compared to a year ago is very different, let me explain.

First of all, I no longer live every day in fear of loosing my job because I left my job in November. Coaching enabled me to see that two of my core values were not being served and in order to be fulfilled that job had to go. This was a huge decision after being with a company for 11 years; Coaching gave me the confidence to trust myself and abilities enough to leave. Coaching has also enabled me to re-gain my self worth. Currently I’m taking the rest of the year off, spending a lot of quality time with my two boys and husband before I begin a new job in January.

The ability to put fear behind me and confidence in its place opened up doors I would’ve never thought possible. The old me would’ve left my old job just to find a more ego based position which would’ve resulted in more fear and even less time with family. The new me picked a position that is still challenging, but won’t put me in a state of fear every day. Instead, this new position will permit me to be have a balance between work and home without sacrificing compensation. Who would’ve that that even existed? Life coaching lead me to the path to realize it existed.

Working on one’s self is hard, but a must. Spending one hour a week to reflect, plan and then be accountable is tough. The benefits, however, are great and it’s amazing how many people are affected by the outcomes.

Life coaching with Gail has made me physically, mentally and emotionally healthier.”

S.S. Greenbrae, California

“The Blended Spa was founded by Gail Guevara in October, 2010. It is situated in an intimate home setting in Tiburon. Gail is really a Jack Of All Trades and The Blended Spa includes services such as Life and Wellness Coaching, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Anxieties, Phobias and Sleep Improvement, Guided Imagery for Progressive Relaxation, Massage, and Reiki. It is called The Blended Spa because you can mix and match the services being offered, such as massage with Reiki or Reiki with guided imagery, etc.

This is not your typical “spa”. Gail is an amazing intuitive healer, coach, consultant, mentor, hypnotherapist, and masseur. She is soft and gentle, understanding and compassionate. I have gone to her for hypnotherapy and guided imagery to help my body heal from a thyroid autoimmune disease. I came out of those sessions feeling so calm and relaxed. Gail recorded the sessions, so I could listen to them many more times afterwards. I have also had a massage with her. I have to say it was simply incredible! That must be the best massage I have ever had and I had many massages before. She was so thorough and meticulous; she worked on every part of my body, including my arms and legs, neck and head. By the way, she also provides facility (bathrobe, towel, shampoo, etc.) for a refreshing shower afterwards.

Last but not least, her services are very affordable. I believe I definitely get my money’s worth.”

CC. San Francisco, California

“I had a desire to lose 10 pounds by the holidays of 2010, and I am so excited to say I reached my goals. The Blended Spa offers an 8-week Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program and “blends” this recipe for success with Life Coaching, Hypnosis and Massage on lifestyle changes, charting daily meals, exercise charts, and great ideas for food changes. Not only did I lose the weight, but also started getting a better night’s sleep, which is an important key to weight loss. If you want to succeed with your health, diet and personal changes, I recommend Gail Guevara at The Blended Spa.”

Sue M. Novato, CA.

“I was a smoker for over 15 years. When I found The Blended Spa’s Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, I had my doubts about hypnosis. I am excited to share that the hypnosis worked like magic. I didn’t even have cravings! I am no longer a smoker, and have Gail to thank as my guide. I am done with being a smoker and feel like a new person… Thank you Gail!”